OneBonus – Ứng dụng xây dựng đội nhóm


【We solve your matter】

  • -Don’t you want to make strong organization?
  • One Bonus support to build good teamwork, active communication.
  • Although it is not easy to deliver appreciation in daily work, One Bonus can easily say “thank you” with point. Active team realize great performance.

  • -Do you concern how to reduce turnover rate?
  • Because One Bonus promote communication, it contributes to reduce turnover rate.
  • Anyone can be happy when he/she receive appreciation, so it leads good atmosphere in organization.

  • -Are you evaluating your staff correct?
  • One Bonus provide employer page to show each members’ activity by list, chart and ranking. So you can easily can know who is popular in your organization. 
  • It helps you to find hidden best staff who you haven’t awared!


【Our function】

  • -For member
  • Auto reset point every week
  • Send point with comment

  • -For Company
  • Show activity by chart
  • Show ranking
  • Add/edit/delete member


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  • - Web, CMS: PHP, CodeIgniter framework
  • IOS: Swift
  • Android: Java