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Providing out sourcing development service by Japanese quality!

About Us

We are Japanese IT company to make global innovative service from Asia.

We are professional IT engineer group providing outsourcing app development service, making our own web service to enrich Vietnamese people's life.
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Web system(Software/Web App)

We will consult and develop web system such as "shopping site", "booking site", "new service like Uber" and any other system.

App (iOS/android)

Now most of people are using mobile to do something.
We will consult to plan better UI/UX and develop effective app for user easy to use.

Marketing support

We are providing marketing support.
So not only developing but also support to maintain service. We consult how to extend business, how to get more customer as well.

mazing key features

Ensure best quality of system, app by enough communication

To make new system or service, planning is the most important. We will hold meeting to know what kind of system (app) customer wants to make. Later make mockup to blush up plan. After start to coding, well communicate to change system (app) better.

  • Creative design

  • Flexible support

  • Fast Speed

  • High Quality

  • Best UI/UX

  • Maintenance suport


Let's consult to us and hold meeting

We will not make quotation without holding meeting.

Process to develop system (app)

Communication is the most important to success outsourcing project.

To know each other, trust each other will lead project success. So we hold meeting (online/offline) before making quotation. Those who develop good system/software/app will be suitable as our customer.


Contact and let us know what kind of system/app do you want to make.


We will make quotation with function list.
Let's discuss detail basing on this.


Basing of quotation, we will sign contract and start project


We will make schedule and start to make mock up to avoid misunderstanding.

Make schedule ->mock up ->design ->develop ->check&Fix ->Finish!


After finishing project, we can also consult how to maintain software/app, how to get service or anything you need.


Wacontre serviceVideo

This is Wacontre service introduction video.We are also providing service to make video clip Clip for marketing (advertising).


Introduce our project we developed before.

Our vision is to make Innovative global service from Asia. To realize that, we are trying to make something new, something more convenient service and function. là cầu nối thành công giữa nhà tuyển dụng và ứng viên. Đăng tin tuyển dụng miễn phí và tìm việc làm.


  • Web: PHP, CodeIgniter framework, Nodejs, WebRTC

  • iOS: Objective – C

  • Android: Java



  • Web: PHP, CodeIgniter framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

Affiliencer is marketing platform to connect Influencer (KOL/Model/Expert) with Client. You can trade your value by sharing...


  • Web, CMS: PHP, Laravel framework, Nodejs, Wordpress

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

You can read free comic by this app for free. Enjoy various original comics by Vamos!


  • Web, CMS: PHP, Laravel framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

À ơi: Hát ru kể chuyện cho bé

Với App À ƠI , bạn chỉ cần bật app, chọn chủ đề và hẹn giờ để nghe. Ứng dụng sẽ tự tắt sau khoảng thời gian bạn ...


  • CMS: PHP, Laravel framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

世界最大級のお弁当アプリ!!95地域と51ヵ国での投稿・記録が可能! 海外生活で大切な誰かや自分のためにお弁当を作っている方の弁当食材店アプリ!!


  • CMS: PHP, Laravel framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

One Bonus support to build good teamwork, active communication.  Although it is not easy to deliver appreciation in daily work, One Bonus can easily say “thank you” with point...


  • Web, CMS: PHP, CodeIgniter framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

Ứng dụng xem phim  


  • Web, CMS: PHP, Laravel framework

  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

Hỗ trợ tạo CV một cách nhanh chóng Gửi mail tới nhà tuyển dụng mọi lúc mọi nơi In CV dễ dàng khi điện thoại có kết nối máy in Tìm việc nhanh chóng và nhận ngay Tiền lễ với Viecoi app


  • iOS: Swift

  • Android: Java

Client love us

Morbi lacinia orci eu consectetur porta

I just had idea, but didn't know the way how to develop. Wacontre heard all of my demand and made ideal app.


Marian Howell

Lunchbox app

I had poor requirement sheet for this project. Wacontre made mock up to easy to understand function and advance project to avoid miscommunication. I'm very satisfied with quality.


Marcus Smith

Manga sharing app

It was big project. We just deliver function what we wanted to do. Wacontre complete project perfectly and corresponded fixing bug/changing function kindly.


Daisy Larson

Picture trading app




iOs users


Android users


Windows users

Choose the Right Package

We are mainly have 3 kind of package basing on scale of project.

This is just for example. please check package for reference. We will make quotation basing on your requirement for each project.


  • Mobile app (iOS/Android)
  • finish in 1.5 month
  • 3 month insurance


  • app(iOS/Android) + CMS (Web admin)
  • finish in 3 month
  • 6 month insurance


  • app + CMS (Web admin) + Website
  • finish in 6 month
  • 12 months insurance
  • Maintenance support

Our Awesome Team

There is many professional expert member

Our professional team member will consult and develop best application for you!

Kohei Nohara

Project Manager

Tran Duy Huu

PHP engineer

Do Minh Tan

iOS Developer

Do Huu Thien


Nguyen Nam

Android developer

Our Blog/News

We are proviing article relating to IT, new technology

We should learn new service, new technology to use them for our system continuously.


Providing FAQ you might have question.

Please contact us to know more detail of outsourcing development service.


You just need idea of software/app/service.
We will consult and suggest what kind of function, UI/UX is better.

– Finish making mock up and design (30%)
– Finish 50% (30%)
– Finish all function (40%)
※This is just example, we can negotiate how to checkout

After finishing project, if there is any question and consulting, we can support for free.
In the case, we need to make new function or support marketing, we will make quotation to confirm.

Contact us

Please contact to us from the form below,

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